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With $175 million in available credit, Sweet Leaf Capital is the global market leader in marijuana and hemp finance.​

We specialize in leasing the equipment and machinery needed to facilitate the industrial manufacturing of products across a spectrum of cannabis verticals. Whether you need financing for brand-new equipment or are looking to buy used equipment, we have programs available to serve your needs. Even better? We have quick turn times for loans and leases.

Our equipment leasing process is simple. First, you decide which equipment you would like to purchase and you work with the vendor to negotiate the best price and terms. Then you submit your information and the vendor’s invoice to Sweet Leaf, and we will work quickly to send you a term sheet. After the terms have been agreed on, Sweet Leaf will send an application and a document checklist which will help us customize the lease proposal. 

Once the lease agreements have been executed, we contact the vendor to arrange payment and shipment. We communicate with the vendor and send funds when the equipment is ready to ship, commencing your contract. It’s as easy as that!

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Frequently asked questions

Answers to Your Equipment Sales, Loans and Leases Questions

We finance business-essential equipment used for the cultivation, production and distribution of cannabis and related products. SLC also provides sale lease-back financing, allowing you to draw cash from your existing assets.

SLC finances both new and used equipment, depending on your business’s needs. Our process is easy and quick!

Equipment loans and leases typically range from $50k – $2.5MM of amount financed with loan-to-values varying based on the make, nature, and age of the cannabis equipment. Though larger loans are available to well qualified borrowers, with a proven history of success.

Business establishment, bank/credit bureau and other financing references, business and credit bureau ratings are all used in the decision-making process. In order to underwrite your loan as efficiently and quickly as possible, SLC uses third-party databases to acquire sufficient credit information during the application process.

Cannabis equipment loan and lease terms typically range from 12-36 months. Depending on your unique circumstances, other terms may be available.

No. SLC does not charge a fee to apply for financing for your cannabis equipment or the acquisition of new equipment.

SLC offers used cannabis equipment for purchase or financing and has an extensive network of vendors and operators. If we can help you find the equipment you need, we will.

If you want to pay-off your loan early, Sweet Leaf  will provide you with a pay-off quote. Your success is our success, and we will look forward to being your go-to partner for years to come.

Yes, you are required to carry general liability and casualty insurance and provide proof of insurance to SLC before funding. If you do not have insurance, SLC will refer you to an insurance representative who can place a policy on your cannabis equipment.

Licenses are required to engage in cannabis-related activities; however, SLC recognizes that the issuing of a license may be dependent on the installation of your equipment. We can provide you with the necessary equipment prior to the issuance of a license but will require a license be issued before you are permitted to operate the equipment.